10 August 2009

Starting over

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I’ve got a few pieces of blog-related news to share:

1.) I kept my personal blog on Blogger for more than a year, but in the meantime, I’ve grown to appreciate the power of WordPress – and I’ve decided to switch.  The old content has imported fairly smoothly – though there’s some tidying up I still need to do (for example, updating internal links).

2.) I’m also switching the URL for my personal blog.  It used to be dw2-0.com.  Now it’s dw2blog.com.  To cut a long story short, I was slow off the mark to renew my ownership of dw2-0, and a cybersquatter has moved in.  (It didn’t help that my old symbian.com email stopped working shortly beforehand, and all the emails Blogger and GoDaddy sent to that email address failed to reach me.)

3.) As for what I’ll be writing about here – I’ll keep work-related thoughtpieces out of here.  Instead, I’ll address a host of other futurist topics – in line with the description in the box at the top-right of the blog page:

  • Eclectic thoughts on technologies, markets, innovation, openness, collaboration, disruption, risks, and solutions

Anyone who used to bookmark dw2-0.com is now welcome to bookmark dw2blog.com instead.

2 February 2009

A question for Blogger experts

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A question for the hive mind:

When I created this blog, I created a Google Account at the same time, with the blog associated with it. The Google Account is defined with my old email address. How do I get it moved to a new email address?

The main reason I want it changed is because I want the notification emails (sent by Blogger whenever anyone posts a comment here) to come direct to my new address, rather than my old one.

At first sight, this seems simple: the “My Account” link on the Blogger home page opens a page which in turn has a “Change email” link on it. Alas, if I type in my intended new email address, an error message is shown:

  • A user with the email you specified already exists

In a way, this is no surprise, since that new address is being provided by Google Apps. So I’ve already got two different Google Accounts – one attached to this blog, and the other attached to my new email address. Ideally, I’d like to merge these two accounts, but I doubt this is possible…?

That takes me to plan B: keep the blog associated with the same account as before, but alter this account so that notification emails are sent to a different email address. But at the moment, I don’t seem to be able to do that either.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?

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