7 December 2009

Bangalore and the future of AI

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I’m in the middle of a visit to the emerging hi-tech centre of excellence, Bangalore.  Today, I heard suggestions, at the Forum Nokia Developer Conference happening here, that Bangalore could take on many of the roles of Silicon Valley, in the next phase of technology entrepreneurship and revolution.

I can’t let the opportunity of this visit pass by, without reaching out to people in this vicinity willing to entertain and review more radical ideas about the future of technology.  Some local connections have helped me to arrange an informal get-together in a coffee shop tomorrow evening (Tuesday 8th Dec), in a venue reasonably close to the Taj Residency hotel.

We’ve picked the topic “The future of AI and the possible technological singularity“.

I’ll prepare a few remarks to kick off the conversation, and we’ll see how it goes from there!

Ideas likely to be covered include:

  • “Narrow” AI versus “General” AI;
  • A brief history of progress of AI;
  • Factors governing a possible increase in the capability of general AI – hardware changes, algorithm changes, and more;
  • The possibility of a highly disruptive “intelligence explosion“;
  • The possibility of research into what has been termed “friendly AI“;
  • Different definitions of the technological singularity;
  • The technology singularity in fiction – limitations of Hollywood vision;
  • Fantasy, existential risk, or optimal outcome?
  • Risks, opportunities, and timescales?

If anyone wants to join this get-together, please drop me an email, text message, or Twitter DM, and I’ll confirm the venue.

26 November 2009

Forthcoming speaking engagements

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Cambridge Wireless, 3rd December

Next Thursday, 3rd December, I’ll be participating in a meeting of the Software & Open Source SIG (Special Interest Group) of Cambridge Wireless.  Cambridge Wireless is a community of companies in and around Cambridge with the following declared ambition:

Our objective is to establish Cambridge Wireless as the leading wireless community in the world and where we are at the leading edge of thought, leadership and wireless technology discussions

Symbian Software Ltd was one of the founding members of Cambridge Wireless, and the Symbian Software Ltd office on the outskirts of Cambridge hosted several Cambridge Wireless events over the years.  The ones I attended provided excellent networking and stimulating conversation.

Cambridge Wireless organise a series of SIGs – such as the one on Software & Open Source.  Next Thursday, this SIG will be gathering to review a set of presentations addressing the topic,

Open handset ecosystems – can they deliver handsets that consumers want?

My own presentation at this event has the title,

Open Ecosystems – a Good Thing?

Here’s the abstract for my presentation:

David will look at the various ways in which openness is changing the way that handsets are being developed through the use of open ecosystems, how developer ecosystems are transforming the way that applications and services are being created, and give his view on the impact of this on consumers. Openness brings challenges as well as triumphs. Done right, however, the open community approach will (over time) generate better solutions than any system of tight control – and consumers will reap the benefits.

The other speakers at the event will be:

  • Alberto Bonamico of Symsource – talking on “Adapting to the Open Source Ecosystem”
  • Andrew Savory of LiMo Foundation – talking on “Open Apps – Good, Bad or Ugly?”

There will be a panel discussion after the talks, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A from the floor.

Registration for this event is still open, via the Cambridge Wireless website.

Special thanks are due to Peter Montgomery of Ogma Solutions and Phillip Burr of Octymo, the champions of this SIG.

Forum Nokia Developer Conference, Bangalore, 7th December

The following Monday, 7th December, I’ll have the privilege to join another illustrious panel of speakers, at the Forum Nokia Developer ’09 conference in Bangalore, India.  This conference has the theme,

Unlock Star within you

(Anyone familiar with the UI on Nokia phones will appreciate the double significance of this name.)

As stated on the event website:

Unlock possibilities!

A world of infinite possibilities is waiting for you. It opens up when you press the Unlock Star keys of a mobile phone!

Discover the amazing new ways in which Mobiles are simplifying life, helping people to connect, communicate and access information at Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09, the biggest forum in India for mobile application developers. See how everything anyone can imagine can be possible, at the touch of a fingertip and from the top of the palm.

Unlock Learning!

Get the right inputs, insights and network at Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09. Access all the resources you will ever need to turn your ideas into reality. Get insights from industry leaders. Learn tricks and tips to create applications, faster. Explore the value OVI store has to offer to you as a developer. And more…

You and your mobile application is all it takes!

Your innovation can play a key role in shaping the future and enabling people. Create it to run on hundreds of millions of mobile phones and transform yourself into a global star.

Keynote speakers at this event include:

D. Shivakumar, Managing Director, Nokia Mobile phones and Vice President, Nokia

Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Forum Nokia and Developer Community

On this occasion, I’ll be speaking on the topic

Winning habits of star developers

People interested to attend can register via the conference website.

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