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Born into this world as “David William Wood”, I soon learned that my initials were “DWW”. Somewhat later, when I fell head over heels with the first great love of my life, Lady Mathematics, I adopted the algebraic term dw² as my nom-de-plume. My first online presence was on the CIX bulletin board system in the UK in the early 1990s, where I chose the ID dw2. Welcome!

My professional biography is available on LinkedIn, and I can also be found on Facebook.

I am open to taking part in facilitation, consultancy, or speaking engagements – as described on the Delta Wisdom website.

I have spent 25 years closely envisioning and enabling the rapid growth in capability of smart mobile devices. I expect to spend the next 25 years closely envisioning and enabling the emergence of increasingly smart human beings that radically transcend legacy limitations.

To contact me: drop an email to: davidw AT deltawisdom DOT com.

Follow my micro-blogging at http://twitter.com/dw2.

Note: an earlier version of this blog used to exist at dw2-0.com. That URL was taken over by a money-grabbing cyber-squatter (strange, but true). Relevant postings from that blog have all been imported into this one.


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