16 June 2008

Accelerating Future

Filed under: Anissimov — David Wood @ 4:46 pm

Michael Anissimov writes a blog called “Accelerating Future“. I keep finding well-written articles in it. Here’s just three examples:

  1. A recent piece giving an upbeat, well-supported argument in favour of the transformative potential of molecular nanotechnology – responding (and step-by-step refuting) to a more skeptical assessment by Richard Jones in the recent IEEE special report on The Singularity;
  2. Another recent piece that gently and thoughtfully chides some of the less careful advocates of Singularity-style thinking;
  3. An older, introductory piece with a fascinating and provocative list of technologies that have enormous potential to significantly enhance human life and human society.

For this reason, I’d recommend Michael’s blog as a great watering hole, for anyone who (like me) is interested in the the thoughtful development and application of technology to significantly enhance human mental and physical capabilities.

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