24 May 2018

Overdue – blog design refresh

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My training as a software engineer led me to be cautious about making changes in complex software systems. I learned from experience that “simple” changes often had unexpected effects elsewhere in a system.

For that reason, I have shied away, for too long, from a task that needed my attention – improving the readability of this blog.

The font in use on this blog was too small. That made it harder for people to read. Visitors to this blog have mentioned this point on occasion, but I repeatedly put off the task of fixing it.

But this morning, I made the plunge, and found the part of WordPress design that allowed me to change the font. It’s a lot bigger now.

Fearing side-effects, I’ve checked how various previous postings are displayed. So far, I haven’t noticed anything that’s become broken as a result…

… apart from the fact that adjacent lines of text, in multi-line paragraphs, now appear too close together. I’ve tried customising the CSS for this blog, using syntax like the following:

p {
line-height: 1.5;

but nothing I’ve typed there has had any effect. Hmm.

Anyway – I hope this change increases your enjoyment of reading this blog!

Footnote: so far as I know, there will be no change to what people see if they are reading these posts via email, or on a mobile device. The change often takes place when using a desktop browser.

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