14 March 2009

Top posting on Techmeme

Filed under: Symbian Foundation, Techmeme — David Wood @ 3:14 am

At the time I’m writing these words, the website Techmeme, which is a technology news aggregator, has the following display:

The top billing on the site is taken by a posting I made on the Symbian Foundation corporate weblog a little over 24 hours ago, on the subject of the Symbian platform release plan.

It’s the first time that something I’ve written on a blog has generated so much coverage. The powerpoint pictures (originally created by my colleague Ian Hutton) which I spent some time tweaking last night, have ended up being copied to numerous locations on the Internet.

If I had known there would be so much interest, I would have taken more time over the posting!


  1. Interesting posts are usually the product of immediate inspiration 🙂

    Comment by krasivy — 20 March 2009 @ 5:57 am

  2. Hi David,

    My understanding is that Symbian OS has lot of 3 Party Code in it. My questions is:
    1. What % of the code in Symbian OS is from 3 Parties?
    2. What portion of these 3 Party code has to be licensed from the parties and can you name them?

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    Comment by Dinesh — 16 April 2009 @ 10:08 pm

  3. Hi Dinesh,

    Your questions about TPIP (Third Party IP) in the Symbian Platform will shortly be properly answered on the main Symbian blog.

    In the meantime, briefly:

    Only a very small proportion of Symbian Platform code has TPIP. However, because the platform is large, this still translates to several dozen items.

    Each different TPIP item will have a different answer (or answers) for how customers can obtain solutions.

    // dw2-0

    Comment by David Wood — 16 April 2009 @ 10:58 pm

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